About the Family & the Land

The Agricola family has had their roots in Florida for generations

They have had the firsthand opportunity to see what wonderful things have come from the growth of the state, as well personally experiencing the unique natural features it has to offer. It also means that the Agricola’s have had a front row seat to the type of rampant, unplanned and unconscious development that has turned so much of this wonderful place into a sprawling urban concrete jungle. That is why they felt that they could not let an opportunity to change things pass by.

Bill Agricola has been in the land business since the 1970’s. He quickly gravitated towards large acreage tracts, and when he opened his own office, one of his main focuses was timberland investment. His was one of the first land brokerage companies to assist the Forest Products Industry in divesting of Timberland in Florida and the Southeast. As time passed, he was able to begin purchasing land on his own to grow pine. He has since been able to share his passion and knowledge with his two sons, William, and Christophe, who have continued to help grow the land and the family business. In addition to managing their own timberlands and continuing to assist buyers in the brokerage business, the Agricola’s have assisted private and public conservation groups to save critical parts of this beautiful state. In Clay County alone, the Agricola’s have helped to preserve Jennings State Forest, Black Creek Ravines, and Belmore State Forest and have also helped to place thousands of acres private land under Conservation Easements. The Agricola Family hopes to bring their knowledge, perspective, and expertise into this newest adventure to create a lasting and impactful legacy for Clay County and all of Florida.


Years of experience